Additional data

Additional data


We have prepared for our clients a transparent and intuitive online software namedEGON, which serves as an extension for an existing online store. The connection isvery simple, data exchange is automatic and works in both directions. EGON providesyou with a complete overview of all your orders, products, warehouse stock, costs ofreceiving and shipping goods, delivery costs and many other useful information andfeatures that make it easier for you to run an online store.


After you redirect delivery of goods to our warehouse, we take care of everything else.We collect the goods, scan the EAN code, weigh and measure them and finallyphotograph them. Afterwards, we place the goods at the proper place and EGONnotifies you about the new receipt or newly registered goods, which haven´t been in ourwarehouse yet. After pairing newly registered goods with existing merchandise in youroffer a stock card is created.


Once your online store receives a new order from the customer and EGON evaluatesthe goods are on stock, we start the completion process of the order. Packaging isbased on bar codes, weight, volume and visual inspection. There are several qualitypackaging and filling materials to choose from. We can add in anything to the package(invoice, delivery note, instructions for use, promotional materials, etc.).


Depending on the shipping method chosen, we pass packages to shipping companies.Immediately after shipping EGON notifies you and your customers. You can choosefrom all commonly available shipping methods, including personal pick up. The largestamount of deliveries are registered in Bratislava, therefore we are able to offer you asame day delivery from only € 2.15 per package!