With optimized picking processes paperless in the fast Lane.

Storage & Shipping

Cost-effectiveness, efficiency and level of service increase by an intelligent warehousemanagement.

Returns management

By an individual, the process of Improving the return rate minimize.

Quality management

The quality of the product is crucial, we ensure this already in the first step.

Packaging concepts

Individual top quality and optimum load security with minimum use of material.

WebshopWith a multitenant Webshop effort equipped minimize.

Content maintenance

When Online purchase failed to compensate for the buying experience throughprofessional content care.

Order management

Purchase key issues in a targeted and fast by trained contact person to answer.

System interfaces

Individual interfaces, the transport data reliably and error-free.

Strategic Controlling

Continuously the process and quality of the results optimized.

Operating Online Marketing

Business success through understanding of the complex mechanisms of OnlineMarketing.


Through refinement of products and more value for the customer.